Rosetta Stone Co. is an innovation company that strives to advance the science of planning, engineering, operational improvement, human ingenuity, finance, and Root Cause Analysis of issues that bring about problems.


We are a solution company that goes beyond conventional boundaries of thought.


 We as planners help government officials and business leaders; create organizations that offer better choices for people and a more efficient operation.



 Rosetta Stone-Co. offers solutions to Federal and State Government organizations as well as private energy, environmental, manufacturing, financial, and related companies. We support complex  operations in the areas of human performance, regulatory compliance, and engineering support.


We also supply staff augmentation of professional science, Quality Assurance, and other highly-qualified technical, and sociological personnel to solve problems.



 Our goal is to foster and growth potential of every person and organization as well as to help people through trying experiences such as post traumatic stress and relationship issues, by use of kindness and understanding to prevent reoccurrences of human and organization problems.

Rosetta Stone CO. is a women owned company located in Las Vegas

Rosetta Stone Cc, 1027 South Rainbow Blvd, Suite 332 - Las Vegas, NV 89135


Like the achient Egyptian artifact called the Rosetta stone which was instrumental in advancing modern understanding,

Rosetta Stone Co.

is a modern innovation company that seeks to break new frontiers of understanding and change the human circumstance.

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